Paris Exhibition

The Paris series

Isabelle de Kergal’s painting offers a vital and changing vision of Paris, a city in which she lived for many years and with which she maintains a very strong sentimental roots. She is a consummate artist who finds her best reasons from the walks through its squares, parks and streets full of cafes, brasseries and terraces, to the representation of the most iconic buildings of the French capital. This last case, without falling into the tipismo or in a tourist vision, but on the contrary, proposing original points of view and with an interpretation that surprises so much by its color and audacity.

The Paris portrayed by Isabelle de Kergal is not only the city of lights, it is a plural metropolis, full of dreamy nooks that allow you to play with the colors as your instinct and your inner self guide you, which is sometimes paused as it transmits In their paintings with blue, ocher, gray and beige, predominant of the Parisian winter, others delicate where pink, gold and turquoise greens coexist to draw the beauty of the bridges and roofs of the city, while others, more, represent scenes Urban, lively, bright red, violet and orange trees that enliven the night scenes.

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